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Internet Speed at a Glance is a lightweight speed test which gives you a quick and rough indication of your current internet speed.

Better said this internet speed test gives you, like all other speed tests, an indication of your bandwidth measured in bits per second.

This is a better indicator than the speed of a bit in meters per second. Firstly you don’t know what the distance is the bit has to travel on the internet. Secondly all information at the internet travels almost at the speed of light.

The latency time is the time you have to wait before your request for information is sent to, and adequate handled by, the webserver (and all routers between you and the webserver).

Your latency is currently undetermined.

For more information regarding internet speed see the infographic below.

Infographic internet speed

A large infographic about download speed and latency

This infographic is also available at this location.


The result of this speed test is based on just one simple test. Only the time necessary for loading this page is measured. So be aware that due to (browser) caching this speed test may suggest you a higher download speed than you have in practice.

This speed test gives you an indication of your download speed. If you want a more accurate indication of your download speed you should use other speed tests.

Note that this speed test requires Javascript. When you have an outdated browser or an browser which doesn't support Javascript, the download speed will be "Undetermined".

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